Sunday, March 11, 2012

How I Did

I think the committee did a pretty good job in seeding the bracket overall.  There were no shocking inclusions, and none of the seeds were that ridiculous.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with how I did in my first year of doing a mock bracket.  I correctly placed 35 out of 37 at-large teams, incorrectly predicting Drexel and Seton Hall. I seeded 34 teams on the correct seed line and 62 within one seed line.  My other four picks were all within 2 seed lines.  I couldn't have asked for a much better first bracket.  We'll see how I stacked up with everyone tomorrow when the Bracket Project releases its rankings board.

I'll write up a post tomorrow for The Basketball Post about Selection Sunday and some intriguing match-ups.  I'll also post my bracket picks here later in the week.


Final Bracket for 3-11-12

Here's my final bracket update before Selection Sunday (in about an hour and a half).  I'm really excited to see how my bracket stacks up with everyone else.  My bracket will be a  part of the Bracket Project, which ranks every bracketologist, so we'll see how I did.  So, without further ado, here's what I think the bracket will be for the 2012 NCAA Tournament.

Note: Bracket goes in snake order:
1: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th
2: 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th
and so on.

1: Kentucky, Syracuse, North Carolina, Michigan State
2: Duke, Missouri, Ohio State, Kansas
3: Marquette, Baylor, Michigan, Louisville
4: Vanderbilt, Indiana, Wisconsin, Georgetown
5: Florida State, Murray State, Wichita State, UNLV
6: New Mexico, St. Mary’s, Temple, Florida
7: Creighton, San Diego State, Memphis, Cincinnati
8: Kansas State, Gonzaga, Iowa State, Notre Dame
9: Alabama, Purdue, Connecticut, St. Louis
10: Virginia, West Virginia, Harvard, Southern Miss
11: California, VCU, Colorado State, Xavier
12: Long Beach State, Drexel/BYU, NC State/Seton Hall, Texas
13: Colorado, Belmont, Davidson, Ohio
14: St. Bonaventure, Montana, New Mexico State, South Dakota State
15: Lehigh, LIU- Brooklyn, Loyola- Maryland, Detroit
16: Western Kentucky/Lamar, Vermont/Miss Valley State, UNC- Asheville, Norfolk State

Last Four In: Drexel, NC State, Seton Hall, BYU
First Four Out: USF, Iona, Marshall, Miami (FL)
Next Four Out: Mississippi State, Northwestern, Washington, Oral Roberts

It's finally time for the best week of the year, so sit back and enjoy the games!  I'll be posting a couple of different bracket analysis pieces this week to help you make your picks.  Happy March Madness!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Seedings for 3-2-12

This is my bracket up to the end of Thursday night's games.  This is to compenate for not having an update next week, as I'll be away from March 3rd-March 10th in Haiti.  Unfortunately, this will give me one day to put together my final product for bracketology, as Selection Sunday is the next day.  But, I'll make due, and I'll have it posted sometime that Sunday.  Thanks for reading!

Note: Bracket goes in snake order:
1: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th
2: 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th
and so on.

1 Seeds: Kentucky, Syracuse, Duke, Kansas
2 Seeds: Missouri, Ohio State, North Carolina, Michigan State
3 Seeds: Marquette, Indiana, Baylor, Georgetown
4 Seeds: Wichita State, Michigan, Louisville, Wisconsin
5 Seeds: UNLV, Murray State, Florida State, St. Mary’s
6 Seeds: Vanderbilt, Temple, Florida, San Diego State
7 Seeds: New Mexico, Creighton, Notre Dame, Purdue
8 Seeds: Iowa State, Kansas State Memphis, Gonzaga
9 Seeds: Harvard, Southern Miss, Alabama, California
10 Seeds: BYU, West Virginia, St. Louis, Virginia
11 Seeds: Seton Hall, Mississippi State, Connecticut, Washington
12 Seeds: Northwestern, VCU, South Florida, Texas, Cincinnati, Colorado State
13 Seeds: Long Beach State, Drexel, Iona, Oral Roberts
14 Seeds: Weber State, Davidson, Belmont, Middle Tennessee State
15 Seeds: Nevada, Bucknell, Valparaiso, Akron
16 Seeds: Savannah State, Miss. Valley State, Stony Brook, UNC- Asheville, LIU- Brooklyn,  UT- Arlington

Last Four In: Northwestern,VCU, South Florida, Texas
First Four Out: Xavier, Miami, Oregon, Arizona

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Seedings for 2-27-12

 Here is my bracket for 2-27-12.  Please, let me know what you think!

Also, as a note, I will be away from March 3rd to March 10th (I know, I'm going to miss all of conference tournament week).  I'm going to Haiti, actually, to help with some construction work and visit orphanages, so it's for a good cause.  Unfortunately, this is going to make things really tight, as Selection Sunday is obviously on March 11th.  So, I'll have to scramble to get my final bracketology entry ready, but I'll get it done.  Should be fun!

*NOTE*- Edited to reflect an error.  Switched Wichita State to a 4 and Florida to a 5.

1 Seeds: Kentucky, Syracuse, Michigan State, Kansas
2 Seeds: Missouri, Ohio State, North Carolina, Duke
3 Seeds: Marquette, Baylor, Georgetown, Indiana
4 Seeds: Wichita State, Wisconsin, Michigan, Louisville
5 Seeds: Florida, UNLV, Murray State, Florida State
6 Seeds: Notre Dame, Temple, San Diego State, St. Mary’s
7 Seeds: New Mexico, Vanderbilt, Creighton, Purdue
8 Seeds: Memphis, Virginia, Kansas State, Gonzaga
9 Seeds: Iowa State, Harvard, Southern Miss, West Virginia
10 Seeds: Connecticut, St. Louis, California, Alabama
11 Seeds: BYU, Mississippi State, Xavier, Seton Hall
12 Seeds: VCU, Colorado State, Northwestern, Washington, Cincinnati, Texas
13 Seeds: Long Beach State, Drexel, Iona, Oral Roberts
14 Seeds: Weber State, Davidson, Belmont, Middle Tennessee State
15 Seeds: Nevada, Bucknell, Valparaiso, UT-Arlington
16 Seeds: Savannah State, Miss. Valley State, Stony Brook, UNC- Asheville, LIU- Brooklyn, Akron

LAST FOUR IN: VCU, Colorado State, Northwestern, Cincinnati
FIRST FOUR OUT: Miami, Arizona, Dayton, NC State

Monday, February 20, 2012

Seedings for 2-20-12

Here is my bracket for 2-20-12.  If I had the time to implement the actual bracket, seedings may change due to bracket rules and considerations. 

If you are looking for my S-Curve, you can figure it out looking at the bracket because I wrote it in snake order:
1: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th
2: 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th
and so on.

1: Kentucky, Syracuse, Missouri, Michigan State
2: Kansas, North Carolina, Duke, Ohio State
3: Marquette, Georgetown, Michigan, Baylor
4: Wisconsin, Indiana, Florida, Louisville
5: Florida State, Wichita State, Temple, UNLV
6: Vanderbilt, New Mexico, San Diego State, Murray State
7: Notre Dame, Gonzaga, Virginia, St. Mary’s
8: Southern Miss, Kansas State, St. Louis, Creighton
9: Mississippi State, Harvard, Purdue, Memphis
10: Iowa State, BYU, California, West Virginia
11: Connecticut, Alabama, Miami (FL), Cincinnati
12: Texas, Northwestern, Washington, Xavier, Seton Hall, NC State
13: Long Beach State, Iona, Oral Roberts, Mid Tenn. State
14: Davidson, Weber State, Belmont, Drexel
15: Bucknell, Nevada, Valparaiso, UT- Arlington
16: Miss. Valley State, Savannah State, Stony Brook, UNC- Asheville, LIU- Brooklyn, Akron

LAST FOUR IN: Texas, Northwestern, Washington, Xavier
FIRST FOUR OUT: Arizona, UCF, Illinois, Minnesota

Again, feel free to let me know what you think.  Less than three weeks to Selection Sunday!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Seedings for 2-13-12

Here's my projected bracket as of Sunday's games.  Enjoy, hit me up on twitter, and let me know what you think.

Note: Bracket goes in snake order:
1: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th
2: 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th
and so on.

1: Kentucky, Syracuse, Missouri, Duke
2: UNC, OSU, MSU, Kansas
3: Baylor, Marquette, Georgetown, UNLV
4: Michigan, Louisville, SDSU, Indiana
5: Florida, Wisconsin, St. Mary’s, Gonzaga
6: Vanderbilt, Florida State, Temple, Virginia
7: Southern Miss, Murray State, Wichita State, Mississippi State
8: Connecticut, Cincinnati, Creighton, Memphis
9: Kansas State, St. Louis, Notre Dame, New Mexico
10: Purdue, West Virginia, Harvard, Illinois
11: California, BYU, Alabama, Iowa State
12: Miami (FL), NC State, Seton Hall, Long Beach State, Minnesota
13: Arizona, Texas, Iona, Oral Roberts, VCU
14: Nevada, Davidson, Bucknell, Mid Tenn State
15: Weber State, Mercer, Valparaiso, UT- Arlington
16: Miss. Valley State, Norfolk State, Stony Brook, LIU- Brooklyn, UNC- Asheville, Akron
LAST FOUR IN: NC State, Miami, Arizona, Texas (First Four Teams)
FIRST FOUR OUT: Xavier, Washington, UCF, Northwestern

Monday, February 6, 2012

S-Curve/Seedings for 2-6-12

 I decided to scrap the bracket and just give seedings.  It's the same effect and a little less work for a busy college student like me.  Enjoy, and don't be afraid to leave feedback!

Bracketology S-Curve

1. Kentucky
2. Syracuse
3. Ohio State
4. Missouri
8. Kansas
7. Duke
6. North Carolina
5. Baylor
9. Michigan State
10. Florida
11. Marquette
12. UNLV
16. Michigan
15. Indiana
14. San Diego State
13. Georgetown
17. Murray State
18. St. Mary’s
19. Virginia
20. Creighton
24. Louisville
23. Illinois
22. Florida State
21. Wisconsin
25. Gonzaga
26. Mississippi State
27. Connecticut
28. Southern Miss
32. Cincinnati
31. West Virginia
30. Vanderbilt
29. Temple
33. Kansas State
34. Alabama
35. Wichita State
36. Memphis
40. Purdue
39. New Mexico
38. St. Louis
37. Harvard
41. Notre Dame
42. Long Beach State
43. Iona
44. Xavier
48. NC State
47. Minnesota
46. California
45. Iowa State
49. Colorado State
50. BYU
51. Seton Hall
52. Washington
56. Mid Tenn St
55. Cleveland State
54. Oral Roberts
53. Davidson
57. Bucknell
58. Belmont
59. Nevada
60. VCU
64. Akron
63. LIU- Brooklyn
62. UNC- Asheville
61. Weber State
65. Stony Brook
66. UT- Arlington
67. Norfolk State
68. Miss. Valley St.
69. Texas
70. Miami (FL)
71. Wyoming
72. Ole Miss

1 Seeds: Kentucky, Syracuse, Ohio State, Missouri
2 Seeds: Baylor, UNC, Duke, Kansas
3 Seeds: Michigan State, Florida, Marquette, UNLV
4 Seeds: Georgetown, SDSU, Indiana, Michigan
5 Seeds: Murray State, St. Mary’s, Virginia, Creighton
6 Seeds: Wisconsin, Florida State, Illinois, Louisville
7 Seeds: Gonzaga, Mississippi State, Connecticut, Southern Miss
8 Seeds: Temple, Vanderbilt, West Virginia, Cincinnati
9 Seeds: Kansas State, Alabama, Wichita State, Memphis
10 Seeds: Harvard, St. Louis, New Mexico, Purdue
11 Seeds: Notre Dame, Long Beach State, Iona, Xavier
12 Seeds: Iowa State, California, Minnesota, NC State, Colorado State
13 Seeds: BYU, Seton Hall, Washington, Davidson, Oral Roberts
14 Seeds: Cleveland State, Mid Tennessee State, Bucknell, Belmont
15 Seed: Nevada, VCU, Weber State, UNC-Asheville
16 Seeds: LIU-Brooklyn, Akron, Stony Brook, UT-Arlington, Norfolk State, Miss Valley St.
LAST FOUR IN: NC State, Colorado State, BYU, Seton Hall
FIRST FOUR OUT: Texas, Miami (FL), Wyoming, Mississippi